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Customary general conditions

The informations devoted to Customers and the current General Conditions apply to all the orders transmitted through the current Web Store www.marialarosa.it belonging to and run by LA ROSA MARIA CONCETTA – One man firm (Fiscal Code LRSMCN48M68B428Y - VAT Number 08668220158) with registered office in Milan, via Compagnoni 7, zip code 20129 (from now on named Seller, Firm, Manufacturer) marketing products marked with the brand «Maria La Rosa». Consequently, the access, the use of this web site and the purchase of the products appearing in it through the sending of an order entail the acceptance of the current General Conditions of Agreement, whose possible variations will be validated only if confirmed in writing by the Seller.
The current disposition apply also in case of changes to the current clause, calling for the use of a written way.
The Firm will be thereby in no way considered responsible for the not consistent use with the laws in force, of the web site and of the contents by everyone of one’s own users, barring the responsibility of the same in case of malice or gross negligence.

Particularly, the Customer will be the only and the one responsible of the communication of incorrect data, untrue or related to a third party, without the expression of the consensus of the same third party, and for an use incorrect of the same data. Likewise, it is forbidden to under age to effectuate loggings in order to buy goods.
«Maria La Rosa» is not responsible of possible damages resulting from the inaccessibility to the services appearing in the site or from possible damages related to computer attacks, viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service breakdowns, contents deletion, problems with the net, with providers, faulty working of electronic equipments of the user.
The user is responsible of the safekeeping and the correct use of his or her personal and banking informations, as well as of every harmful consequence or detriment who could be caused to the Selling Firm and/or to a third party, following  to an incorrect use, a loss, a withdrawal of the same informations.
«Maria La Rosa» intends to prosecute lawfully every violation and/or abuse, as well as to cancel, interrupt every customer account for legitimate reasons and this must be done before the possible processing of an order in progress with that customer.

It is absolutely forbidden the reproduction, if only in part and in any form, of
www.marialarosa.it and of all his contents without the permission in written way of «Maria La Rosa» and, in any case, the possible authorized reproduction will be done solely for legitimate purposes and without prejudice to the royalties.
Only «Maria La Rosa», holder of the recorded trademark, has the exclusive power of use of the trademark; every use of this trademark not consistent with the law and, since unauthorized, is forbidden and implies civil and penal consequences.
For every problem met using our site, get in touch with the following electronic mail address:
[email protected]

Terms and conditions of sale

The current Selling Conditions are applicable to every selling of «Maria La Rosa» products concluded through the internet site www.marialarosa.it.

The use of the proceeding of mail-order selling is reserved exclusively to the final consumer,  (from now on Customer), who acts exclusively on one’s own and consequently for purposes unrelated to his own possible business enterprise and to his professional or entrepreneurial activity.
It is implied that, before the completion of the purchase procedure through the internet site, the Customer shall take care to accurately examine all the conditions: indeed the execution of the purchase order implies the complete and absolute knowledge of the current General Conditions of selling and their full acceptance.

As it is allowed by the enforceable law, we withhold the right to modify the current terms in every moment: the enforceability of the conditions will be automatic with regard to the purchases made after their elimination.

Termination of the contract of sale

To be able to order items appearing in the site, the Customer must necessarily log in, have a personal account of his own and an address of email and follow the steps and the instructions specified in the same site.

The account record is validated by the reception of an email called «Record Confirmation».
All the orders received through the current web site, through email or through written communication represent a binding proposal regarding a drawing-up of a contract of sale with «Maria La Rosa».

The contract of sale is binding and it is understood effective only in the moment in which the same Seller will send a confirmation of the order through the web site, through email or through written communication, or rather selling the ordered items upon control of the correctness of data relating to the same order.
Informations regarding prices and products available on the web site are exposed to modifications without notice.
The applied price will be the price indicated on the web site the date of the order.
The Customer order is an offer of purchase in accordance with the provision of art. 53 of Italian consumer code.  At the performance of a contract, the Customer will receive the written confirmation of the ordered product and of the postal and customs charges of shipment to be paid by himself, as well as the time and the conditions of the restitution of the item.
Reservation of execution when items are not available

The Customer must have in mind that, dealing with hand-crafted products and collector’s items, colours, weaves of fabrics, accessories etc. could be not perfectly identical  to the chosen «fashion»: this is only granted by the quality and the oneness of the creations by «Maria La Rosa», who produces each product not by sets but hand-crafted. Besides, images and colours of the products on sale on our site, could be not correspondent to the real items because of the web browser used for entering internet and of the kind of used monitor.

The Customer must have clearly in mind that an item available at the moment of the order and the payment may not be in reality available physically (i.e. because of the availability of multiple purchases in the same moment by a certain number of customers etc).

For this reason, after the payment is made, «Maria La Rosa» will verify the product effective availability carrying out the order. If the chosen item is momentarily not available, the Customer will be immediately contacted via email to be advised of the new delivery times.
If on the other hand the item is available, the Seller will proceed with the preparation of the order and with the sending to the destination posted by the same Customer.
The longest waiting limit, starting from the receiving of the payment on our account till the first valid tracing by the entrusted shipper, is thirty working days.
In any case, in Italy the delivery times take generally two working days, inside the European Union five working days and in other countries ten working days.
For the delivery of the ordered items, the Customer can choose his or her residence or his or her domicile or another address in which the delivery will be carried out, but the delivery will be carried out only after the regular registration of the payment concerning the order.

The order can be directly cancelled by the Customer through communication via email only and without fail before the state of dispatching of the order. In this case the payment effected will be reimbursed within twenty days from the confirmation of cancellation and, in any case, not before the reception of the confirmation of the carrying out of the payment; this reversal can be made only following written request of the Customer through money transfer or other settled ways.

In case of cancellation of the order when the items are already dispatched, «Maria La Rosa» will not be able to stop it; so the Customer will receive in any case the items and will be able to refuse them directly to the shipper, but in the following reimbursement (within thirty working days from the communication of the return of the goods at the bureau of management of returns and rejections) will loose the right of reimbursement of the shipping expenses and of other administrative or customs fees.
The Seller, at her unquestionable judgement, can cancel an order in every moment and for whatever reason with a written communication to the Customer. In case of a order cancelled already settled, «Maria la Rosa» will dispose the reimbursement of the lodged settlement within thirty days from the communication of cancellation of the order and, in any case, not before of having verified the takings of the same settlement.

The Customer has absolutely no right to a compensation for damage or to an allowance, as well as every contractual responsibility for direct or indirect damages to people and/or things stirred up by non-acceptance, also partial, of the order by the Seller.
Sums temporarily retained for debit or credit are subjected to no interest.

Anyway, the only and one case of contractual non conformity is represented by an possible inconsistency between title (name) of the item and item shipped and received and, as such, the inconsistency must be signalled within forty-eight hours from the delivery, to let the Seller to organize the substitution.
Otherwise, the item will be considered accepted and of one’s satisfaction also if different from the item ordered. After forty-eight hours from the delivery, in any case the Customer can exercise the right of withdrawal.

Prices, terms of payment and shipment

Items prices, expressed in Euros, include VAT, but the shipping fees and possiblely customs fees are to be paid by the Customer and are always paid by the Customer also in case of  withdrawal after the delivery of the acquired good and mentioned separately as additional fee.
«Maria La Rosa» reserves the right to modify prices in any moment without notice, but she agrees to apply the prices showed on the site when the order will be packaged.
The presence of evident damages or anomalies on the packaging must be immediately notified.

In the case in which the packaging is not corresponding or evident damages are present , we suggest not to accept the delivery of the shipping. Besides the Customer has to send an email within twenty-four hour from the delivery/refusal to inform us of what happened.  

The firm declines all responsibility over withdrawal/replacement in case of exterior damages of packaging . In case of loss of a shipping a formal inquiry will be opened within the shipper responsible of the delivery and only after the settlement of the same, who has to verify responsabilities, malice or late delivery, will be possible to proceed to a new shipping of the items or proceed with a reimbursement to the Customer.

The missed return within seven working days of the ordered items, who lay unclaimed in the seat of the responsible shipper because of the missed repeated delivery to the indicated address, will imply the return of the goods in our storehouse with related charge of transportation fees.
We decline all responsabilities in case of delay-failure in the delivery of the ordered goods if the delay or the failure are due to uncontrollable events.
Therefore, except in cases of malice or gross negligence, «Maria La Rosa» will be not responsible towards the Customer without any title consequently to:
-    damages or loss of the products (or from use by the Customer);
-    damages who are not caused by default of the Firm;
-    loss of business or of opportunities of trade.

Inside the limits above-mentioned, the responsibility of «Maria La Rosa» may not exceed the price paid by the Customer for the item who caused the damage.

Safe payments

«Maria La Rosa» places at disposal of her customers the service of telecommunication PAYPAL to grant the safety of the payments. 
The outcome of the arrangement and, therefore, of the occurred payment is given by the successful confirmation of the arrangement directly on line and/or via mail of PAYPAL service; without this confirmation it is possible that the arrangement didn’t happen and that the same should proposed again.

In this case, if after forty-eight hours from the payment, «Maria La Rosa» doesn’t receive mails regarding the order, a control contact is required, also if through e-mail, by care of the Customer.
The Firm informs the Customers that in any case there can be a delay on the delivery when, for safety reasons, should be necessary an additional control on the payment data of the Customer and possibly ask him additional informations for protecting arrangements from prospective deceits harming also the same.

It is also possible to pay the ordered items through money transfer. Financial informations (i.e. number of current account) will never be used by the Seller if not to complete proceedings of purchasing and to issue related reimbursements in case of possible return of the items following the execution of the right of withdrawal.

The price for the purchase of the items and the shipping and/or customs fees the way indicated in the order module, will be charged on the account of the Customer when the items purchased are shipped.

The invoice, fiscally and legally effective, will be sent, unless different indication, with the shipping of the Customer order, as established by art. 21, comma 4, D. Lgs 20.2.2004, n. 52.
Right of receding

In accordance with and for all legal purpose of the art. 64 and sgg. D.I.gs n. 206/2005, if the Customer is a consumer, he has the right to recede from the purchase agreement for every reason, without no penalty, except the penalties  indicated in the following cases.
To exercise this right, Customer must send a registered letter with return receipt within ten days from the reception of items to the following address: «Maria La Rosa», one man’s firm, via Compagnoni 7, 20129 Milan, with the written and signed declaration of the wish to exercise the right of receding and the code/item for whom he asks the receding and the copy of the original invoice.

To the receipt of the registered letter, the Firm will provide the Customer with the instructions for the restitution of the goods and the code of authorization of the return.
The right of receding is submitted to the following unbreakable conditions:
- the right is applied to the acquired product in his integrity and totality; indeed it is not possible exercise the receding only on a part of the acquired item;
- the acquired item must be entire and returned in the original packaging, entire in all her parts, shall not present functional faults which can be attributable to malice or gross negligence of the Customer, as scratches, breakages and signs of  wear;
- shipping and customs fees related to the return of the item are intended at total expenses of the Customer and can be communicated to the same  before the acceptance of the return;
- the shipping is under the exclusive responsibility of the Customer till the testimonial of the return of the item in our storehouse;
- in case of damaging of the item during the transport, the Firm shall communicate about it to the Customer (within five working days from the receipt of the item in our storehouse) to permit him to take action in good time against the shipping firm chosen by the same Customer and obtain the reimbursement of the value of the item (if insured); in this case, the item will be at disposal of the Customer for his returning, in the same time cancelling the request of receding. 
- the item submitted at the right of receding must come back in our storehouses within fifteen solar days from the date of authorization to the return, after this term the shipping will be rejected and in the same time will be cancelled the request of receding;
- «Maria La Rosa» will provide to the reimbursement to the Customer of the amount of the goods returned within thirty days from the date of reception of the item submitted to the receding, upon acceptance of the same item rendered in accordance with the law;
- the reimbursement of the total or partial amount will be carried out through money transfer and, in any case, shipping and customs fees are excluded from the reimbursement;
- The Customer must communicate his IBAN data for the compilation of the money transfer of the item rendered, vice versa the same can use the left credit for the purchase of another item present and disposable inside the virtual shop;
- in the case in which terms for the exercise of the right of receding should lose, «Maria La Rosa» will provide to give back to the sender the acquired item, charging in the same time to the Customer the shipping fees;
- consequently the Firm will reject whatsoever item given back not packaged, as well as the items for whom the Customer has not yet paid in full the restitution fees.

Limitations of liability

The Seller will not be liable for damages, with the exception for the damages resulting by malice or gross negligence.
«Maria La Rosa» will be not in any way liable for eventual indirect damages. When indeed the same Seller, departing from the preceding dispositions, should be believed liable for such damages, this liability will be in any case restricted to the price of purchase.

Limitations of liability aforesaid will apply to all request of  compensation regardless of legal reasons on which the same base themselves, including the requests following to an extra contractual liability.
Exclusion and limitation of liability for damages apply also to eventual requests of compensation towards the dependents or the authorized agents of «Maria La Rosa».

Customer obligations

When the purchase proceeding is done, the Customer agrees to supply the printing and the custody of the present general conditions which, on the other hand, he will have already examined and accepted as forced way to the purchase, as well as of the detailed list of the purchased item in accordance with and for all legal purpose of the artt.  3 and 4 D. Lgs n. 185/1999.

Prohibition of transfer

The Customer will have the right to hand over to a third party the rights entitled to the settled agreement only prior written permission by the Seller.

Enforceable law

Contracts drawn upon present General Conditions of Contract are enforced by the Italian law and every reference to other countries law is banned. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)  will have no enforcement whatsoever.

Place of jurisdiction

For every and any eventual litigation who is connected to the Conditions above mentioned, the place having jurisdiction is exclusively the Milan law court.

Informativa ai sensi dell'art. 13 del D. Lgs 196/2003

(Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali)  pubblicato sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale 29 luglio 2003, Serie generale n. 174, Supplemento ordinario n. 123/L


Il trattamento dei dati, richiesti o/o acquisiti, verrà effettuato esclusivamente per adempimenti connessi alle potenziali attività commerciali eventualmente con la clientela attivate. In particolare, predisposizione progetti, emissione di richieste di offerte e/o preventivi, redazione relazioni tecniche, stipula di contratti e/o ordini, trasporto, inserimento nelle anagrafiche dei database informatici aziendali emissione di documenti di trasporto, fatture e note accredito, , la tenuta corretta della contabilità aziendale, la gestione di incassi e pagamenti, lo scambio di comunicazioni inerenti l'attivita' economica, amministrativa e commerciale nonché tecnica e/o tecnologica dell'azienda - via telefono, posta, spedizioniere, fax, e-mail; per soddisfare gli obblighi previsti dalle norme di legge, dai regolamenti, dalla normativa comunitaria, da norme civilistiche e fiscali).


I dati verranno trattati principalmente con strumenti elettronici e informatici e memorizzati sia su supporti informatici che su supporti cartacei che su ogni altro tipo di supporto idoneo, nel rispetto delle misure minime ed idonee di sicurezza ai sensi del Disciplinare Tecnico in materia di misure minime di sicurezza, Allegato B del Codice della Privacy.


I dati personali relativi al trattamento in questione possono essere comunicati:
-    a tutti i soggetti cui la facoltà di accesso a tali dati e' riconosciuta in forza di provvedimenti normativi e/o legislativi;
-    previa sottoscrizione di un impegno di riservatezza ai nostri collaboratori, dipendenti, agenti e fornitori, nell'ambito delle relative mansioni e/o di eventuali obblighi contrattuali con loro, inerenti i rapporti commerciali con gli interessati;
-    a società di factoring, società di recupero credito, società di assicurazione del credito;
-    a soggetti terzi per la fornitura di servizi di vario tipo (contabilità, spedizione di corrispondenza, servizi bancari, corrispondenti esteri, ecc) ad altre società del Gruppo e non, società di informazioni economiche e di recupero crediti di cui la Società si avvale per l’esercizio della propria attività;
-    agli uffici postali, a spedizionieri e a corrieri per l'invio di documentazione e/o materiale;
-    a tutte quelle persone fisiche e/o giuridiche, pubbliche e/o private (studi di consulenza legale, amministrativa e fiscale, società di revisione del bilancio, studi di consulenza del lavoro, Uffici Giudiziari, Camere di Commercio, Camere ed Uffici del Lavoro, ecc.), quando la comunicazione risulti necessaria o funzionale allo svolgimento della nostra attività e nei modi e per le finalità sopra illustrate;
-    istituti bancari per la gestione d'incassi e pagamenti derivanti dall'esecuzione dei contratti.
-    da/a soggetti ai quali la comunicazione dei suoi dati personali sia necessaria o sia comunque funzionale alla gestione del rapporto commerciale in essere.

I Vostri dati personali non saranno soggetti a diffusione.


La Rosa Maria Concetta, domiciliato a tal fine in Milano, 20129  -  Via Compagnoni, 7
Potrete rivolgerVi al Titolare summenzionato per far valere i Vostri diritti,così come previsto dall’art. 7 del D. Lgs. 196/2003 il cui testo è di seguito interamente riportato.
L’elenco degli incaricati al trattamento è comunque sempre disponibile su richiesta del Vostro Titolare o del Vostro Responsabile del Trattamento.

Diritti dell'interessato (art. 7)
In relazione al trattamento di dati personali l'interessato ha diritto, ai sensi dell'art. 7 (Diritto di accesso ai dati personali ed altri diritti) del Codice della Privacy:
1. L'interessato ha diritto di ottenere la conferma dell'esistenza o meno di dati personali che lo riguardano, anche se non ancora registrati, e la loro comunicazione in forma intelligibile.
2. L’interessato ha diritto di ottenere l’indicazione:
a) dell’origine dei dati personali;
b) delle finalità e modalità del trattamento;
c) della logica applicata in caso di trattamento effettuato con l’ausilio di strumenti elettronici;
d) degli estremi identificativi del titolare, dei responsabili e del rappresentante designato ai sensi dell’articolo 5, comma 2;
e) dei soggetti o delle categorie di soggetti ai quali i dati personali possono essere comunicati o che possono venirne a conoscenza in qualità di rappresentante designato nel territorio dello Stato, di responsabili o incaricati.
3. L’interessato ha diritto di ottenere:
a) l'aggiornamento, la rettificazione ovvero, quando vi ha interesse, l'integrazione dei dati;
b) la cancellazione, la trasformazione in forma anonima o il blocco dei dati trattati in violazione di legge, compresi quelli di cui non è necessaria la conservazione in relazione agli scopi per i quali i dati sono stati raccolti o successivamente trattati;
c) l'attestazione che le operazioni di cui alle lettere a) e b) sono state portate a conoscenza, anche per quanto riguarda il loro contenuto, di coloro ai quali i dati sono stati comunicati o diffusi, eccettuato il caso in cui tale adempimento si rivela impossibile o comporta un impiego di mezzi manifestamente sproporzionato rispetto al diritto tutelato.
4. L’interessato ha diritto di opporsi, in tutto o in parte:
a) per motivi legittimi al trattamento dei dati personali che lo riguardano, ancorché pertinenti allo scopo della raccolta;
b) al trattamento di dati personali che lo riguardano a fini di invio di materiale pubblicitario o di vendita diretta o per il compimento di ricerche di mercato o di comunicazione commerciale.