Maria La Rosa for Interlife


This Christmas Maria La Rosa has decided to commit to a charitable cause in order to give a more preserved and safe childhood to children who are currently living in very harsh conditions:

for every purchase on our shop made by December 24th, 10% will be donated to Interlife, an international association that every day is committed to protect and support boys and girls in the most disadvantaged areas of India and Africa.

Make your conscious purchase now, the future of these children is in our hands too..



Milan, November 22, 2021 - Maria La Rosa, brand of Made in Italy excellence, which has been producing bags and accessories sold in the best international boutiques for over 20 years, launches MARIA LA ROSA FOR INTERLIFE, a joint action with Interlife, a non-profit organization successfully committed in international cooperation to ensure food safety, health, education, child protection, vocational training, employment, sustainable development, environmental protection and respect for fundamental rights.

From today 22 November until 24 December 10% of each purchase on Maria La Rosa's e-shop will be donated to Interlife, in support of the many initiatives for children, carried out by the non-profit organization in the most disadvantaged areas of South India and Africa.

"The future of children is the future of the world" claims Maria La Rosa, founder of the brand. “Interlife works daily to protect children, reduce poverty, malnutrition and child exploitation that affects the most vulnerable. Supporting this activity is not only an honor for us, but also a direct realization of a belief at the base of our company: self-realization. I deeply believe that each one of us should have this opportunity, but in some areas of the world this is not possible. It is up to us to make it happen, it is up to all of us to play an active role so that these children can make their dreams come true. "

“Social responsibility is a growing commitment of the most conscious companies. In Maria La Rosa we have found a very attentive and aware interlocutor and we hope that this is the beginning of a long journey together. In Interlife projects, the protection of children and schooling are fundamental objectives and we are glad to be able to share this aim with Maria la Rosa ” says the president of Interlife, Giorgia Gambini.

So far Interlife has supported over 30,000 children, who have been released from child labor by providing them daily meals, medical care and above all the possibility of studying, thanks to the sustainable development model created by Interlife: the Interlife Toolkit. Important and verifiable results have proved the efficiency of this mean that promotes mechanisms of solidarity and social and economic inclusion in favor and defense of the most vulnerable communities.

Maria La Rosa for Interlife: for a more conscious Christmas, in the name of Made In Italy and solidarity.

MARIA LA ROSA is a fashion brand known all over the world with a story that begun over 30 years ago with a woman armed with her dreams and passions: art, fashion and the loom. Today each creation by Maria La Rosa carries a story made of memories and emotions, designed following and reinterpreting the trends using the best italian yarns. The growing commitment to a sustainable future is yet to be written and is the result of a profound respect for history and tradition.

Each creation by Maria La Rosa tells a story of memories and emotions, which become visual and tactile: created using the best italian yarns, preferably, of natural origin such as cotton, raffia, linen, silk, chenille, cashmere and alpaca, woven with old wooden looms and knitted, embroidered, worked in crochet and in macramé.


An entirely handmade creative process that has its roots in the past while looking into the future.

Contact info:

Via Lomellina, 49 20133 Milan
tel: +39 02 70127855


INTERLIFE ONLUS is a non-profit organization that operates in international cooperation in order to reduce poverty and ensure food security, health, education, child protection, vocational training, job placement, environmental protection and rural development. In the areas where it is committed, Interlife carries out concrete and sustainable projects through an innovative development model, called Toolkit Interlife, conceived by the organization, in close collaboration with the beneficiaries and partners on site, in order to support entire families living in conditions of extreme poverty and vulnerability in India and Africa.


For more information - ​​ - ​​Toll-free number 800 964 062

External Relations Corso Francesca - - ​​348 3941054

Pres. Gambini Giorgia - - ​​380 3638316