At Christmas, thanks to the operation MARIA LA ROSA FOR INTERLIFE, Maria La Rosa donated 10% of the December proceeds to Interlife, making it possible to repair a minibus, which every morning takes the children to school in the district of Pudukkottai, in southern India.

All of this is essential to avoid the possibility of children being kidnapped by traffickers and sold or forced into forced begging. But there is still a lot to do: our support for Interlife continues. We invite you to donate to help carry out many other projects in support of children.

From today 11 April until 31 May, it will be possible to help us give a future to the children of the poorest areas of Africa and India by making a donation to support Interlife. Donating is simple, you can do it directly here. To thank you for your gesture, you will receive a special discount code of 15% on your next purchase in the Maria La Rosa shop. Your donation can change lives, really.

Milan, November 22, 2021 - Maria La Rosa, an excellent made in Italy brand that has been producing bags and accessories sold in the best international boutiques for over 20 years, launches MARIA LA ROSA FOR INTERLIFE, a special initiative in partnership with Interlife, a non-profit organization that operates successfully in the field of international cooperation to ensure food safety, health, education, child protection, vocational training, employment, sustainable development, environmental protection and respect for fundamental rights.

"The future of children is the future of the world" says Maria La Rosa, founder of the brand. “Interlife works daily to protect children, reduce poverty, malnutrition and child exploitation that affects the most vulnerable. Supporting this activity is not only an honor for us, but also a direct realization of a concept at the base of our company: self realization. I deeply believe that each of us should have this opportunity, but in some areas of the world it is not yet possible. It is up to us to make it happen, it is up to all of us to commit ourselves so that these children can make their dreams come true. "

“Social responsibility is an ever increasing commitment among the most sensitive companies. In Maria La Rosa we have found a very attentive and aware interlocutor and we hope that this is the beginning of a long journey that can see us united. In Interlife projects, the protection of children and schooling are fundamental objectives and we are happy to be able to share this commitment with this brand ”says the president of Interlife, Giorgia Gambini.
Interlife has supported over 30,000 children to date, who have been redeemed from child labor by guaranteeing them daily meals, medical care and above all the possibility of studying, thanks to the sustainable development model created by Interlife: the Interlife Toolkit, which for years has shown important and verifiable results in the field and promoted mechanisms of solidarity and social and economic inclusion in favor of the most vulnerable communities.
Maria La Rosa for Interlife: for a more aware Christmas, under the banner of Made In Italy and solidarity.

* * *
MARIA LA ROSA is a fashion brand known all over the world, which has its roots over 30 years ago, in the hands of a woman armed with dreams and her passions: art, fashion and the loom. Today each creation by Maria La Rosa embodies a story made of memories and emotions, designed following the latest trends and reinterpreting them using the best made in Italy yarns. The commitment to a sustainable and supportive future continues, ever stronger and more decisive, the result of a history and a tradition aimed at a future yet to be written.
Each creation by Maria La Rosa embodies a story made of memories and emotions, which becomes visual and tactile: born using the best made in Italy yarns, among which those of natural origin are preferred such as cotton, raffia, linen, silk, chenille, cashmere and alpaca, woven with old wooden looms and also knitted, crocheted, embroidered and macramé.

A completely manual creative process that has its roots in the past but which is aimed at the future.

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